• Core value

    The core value of Jiang Jing Fire is honesty, honesty, and trust. Integrity is the standard of Jiangjing firefighting, sincere and practical communication with customers; to serve the world's customers with the character of “fine, sincere and trustworthy”. Jiangjing Firepower gathers the strength of all partners to pursue a win-win outcome and achieve the future development of the company.

  • Management policy
    • Integrity


    • Pragmatic

      Innovation is the soul

    • Unity

      Endeavor is the first

    • Loyalty


  • Enterprise spirit

    Pragmatic is a style, Jiang Jing people must be down to earth
    Passion is an attitude, Jiang Jing people must always be passionate
    Professional is a kind of ability, Jiang Jing people should be good at his job
    Innovation is a kind of thinking, Jiang Jing people must dare to break through

  • Vision and mission
    • Responsibility
    • Take off
    • Dedication
    • Pragmatic
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