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Jiang Jing Fire 2018 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference

Release time:2019-01-28

       On the occasion of the upcoming Spring Festival, we are gathered here to hold the Jiangjing Firefighting Work Summary and Commendation Conference of the Year of 2008. Looking back on the past and looking into the future, the purpose is to sum up the past work experience, find out the existing problems, and establish the goal of the new year. We will strive for a new and pragmatic work style, re-production, and benefit, and then take a new step. At the same time, commend and reward employees who have contributed to the development of the company's work.
        The conference was divided into six parts: “The Beginning of the General Assembly – Playing the National Anthem”, “Working Report of the Responsible Persons of Various Departments”, “Trade Union Work Report”, “Excellent Staff Awarding”, “Employee Representative Speech” and “Leading Leading Words”.

       First of all, the responsible persons of each department came to power in turn, reviewing and summarizing the completion of the work of the department in 2018, and clarifying the direction and goal of 2019.

Executive Deputy General Manager Jiang Shihua Work Report

Deputy General Manager of Sales Qi Tongxin Work Report

Wang Shide, Deputy General Manager of Anhuan Department, reported

Li Lihong, deputy general manager of the trade union, reports on work
      Secondly, the commendation link, dedication, diligence, pioneering spirit, and dedication are the fine traditions of Jiangjing Firefighting Family. In order to encourage advanced and inspiring, the company will commend the outstanding employees and the comrades who have made reasonable suggestions and technical innovations during the year. A total of 13 outstanding employees and 2 companies have made rational proposals and obtained The comrades of technological innovation took the stage to accept the award.
        The comrades who won the "excellent staff" are: Li Dishan, Qi Tongfu, He Baoxiang, Huang Shiyu, Qi Shangfeng, Chen Zhanghong, Wu Xialu, Zhang Junwen, Xiao Guizhi, Xia Xuanlong, Wang Ling, Wen Huarong, Peng Mingming.

       The comrades who won the "reasonable suggestions for the company and made technological innovations" include: Fan Yi and Qi Tongliang.

       Here, we express our heartfelt congratulations to the award-winning comrades. At the same time, I also believe that there are still many outstanding comrades who have not been honored because of the limited number of places, but your contribution companies will not forget, here, on behalf of the company to say to everyone, you have worked hard!
       The company's "employee representative" speech:

Excellent employees delivered award-winning speeches
       Finally, Mr. Ye Huijun, General Manager, summarized:

Mr. Ye clearly clarified all aspects of the work of Jiang Jing firefighting in 2018, and thoroughly analyzed the problems and deficiencies in the work of various departments. Mr. Ye pointed out that all departments must have goals and directions, must have a sense of competition and cooperation, must be aware of the dangers, constantly strengthen their own capabilities, advance with the times, and constantly innovate in order to do a good job in the department. Be steady and strong.

2018 is over, 2019 is coming,
We are experiencing and creating.
a new Year,
Do our best,
Set what we think,
The power of the group,
Strive to do all the work better,
I believe that with the joint efforts of all, we can make us closer to the goal!

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