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Jiang Jing Fire丨At home, often "close the door" to extinguish fires first

Release time:2019-02-19

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In recent days, I rushed to the top of the hot search list.
Triggered everyone’s
Discussion on whether to close the bedroom door while sleeping
The event originated from a firefighter in the United States online.
An important fire zone for everyone’s science
Sleeping to close the bedroom door!
The specific content is like this

Previously, the fire department also sorted out some of the easier “fire zones” within the family and interpreted these areas. I hope that everyone will avoid family fires according to the instructions of the fire department.
Area 1 · living room
The living room is a relatively concentrated area of ​​household fire hazards.
Sofas with cushions are easily smoked by unextinguished cigarette butts. This phenomenon is not only hidden and difficult to detect, but also more likely to produce deadly smoke. Therefore, you should check carefully before leaving your home or before going to bed. If you feel drowsy, do not smoke.
air conditioning
Keep the air conditioner in the living room away from flammable curtains or curtains with flame-retardant fabrics; the air conditioner should be kept clean and the air filter should be cleaned regularly. If there is any smell or smoke in the air conditioner, it should be closed immediately. Non-professionals should not open it easily. Please clean the air conditioner regularly. When not in use, unplug the power supply to avoid overheating due to overheating of the line. Do not let the power cord touch the conductive medium such as water to prevent electric shock.
TV set
Ample space should be reserved behind the TV to dissipate the heat generated inside the unit, and the plug should be unplugged when not in use.
To avoid excessive circuit load, do not connect too many appliances to the same circuit. Overloading will not only cause the wire to overheat and damage the insulator, but also cause fire or damage to the insulator or nearby items. Wires should not be laid under furniture, under carpets, or at other pedestrians. Check the electrical installations at home at least once a year.
Zone II·Kitchen
Range hood
When using the range hood, the cooker must not be dry, avoiding a large amount of heat being sucked into the range hood, damaging parts, and even oil in the pilot. At this time, the professional should be cleaned of the range hood to prevent oil and water from entering the circuit and causing a short circuit. Do not clean the range hood with flammable liquids.
Do not stack debris around the cooker, such as waste paper or other flammable materials. The cooker should be cleaned frequently to ensure that no grease is accumulated.
The gas should be installed by the professional department to keep the air around the gas. Gas or natural gas is strictly prohibited from being mixed with rice cookers, induction cookers, alcohol stoves, coal stoves, etc.
Keep the air around the refrigerator, the refrigerator should be placed in a ventilated place, do not put flammable and combustible materials around, and the distance between the side of the refrigerator and the wall should be more than 10 cm, and ensure that the air around the box is smooth; Allowing dust to accumulate on the motor, compressor and coil is the main cause of the fire in the refrigerator.
Microwave oven
When using a microwave to heat food, do not use a closed container to fill the food. Because the pressure in the microwave oven is too high, it is easy to cause an explosion. When heating the plastic bag to seal the food, cut a corner as an air outlet; when there is no food in the microwave oven, do not Start, use the food in case of fire, do not open the oven door, you should immediately reset the timer to zero, or unplug the plug.
Area three bedrooms
The fire is caused by the lethality of the bedroom. Because the clothes, furniture, curtains, bedding, carpets, etc. in the bedroom are all flammable, it is very important to do the fire prevention work in the bedroom.
Heating equipment
When using the heater, it should be placed smoothly. Do not put it near other flammable products such as bed. Do not put the clothes on the heater to dry. When using the electric blanket, do not rub or fold the electric blanket to prevent damage or short circuit of the heating element. When sleeping, cut off the power supply in time to avoid fire.
Don't smoke in bed, especially for elderly people living alone and drunken people. The cigarette butt must be completely annihilated before being placed in the ashtray. Check before going to bed to make sure all electrical plugs are unplugged and the gas valve is closed. At the same time, close the bedroom, living room, kitchen door, so that even if a fire occurs after falling asleep, it can prevent the fire from spreading.
Fire support, family self-help
Once a fire breaks out in the home, the public must keep calm and think about all the exits in the family room that may escape, not greedy for property, or blindly jumping off the building.
There are certain flaws in escape and self-rescue: when the bedroom door is closed during sleep, it can resist the intrusion of heat waves and smoke after the fire; when you escape, touch the door before opening the door. If the door is hot or smoke comes in from the door, cut If you can't open the door, you should choose other escape routes. If there is smoke in the exit channel, there is no other route to go. You can get close to the ground and move forward through the thick smoke area. Don't waste time when you are wearing clothes or taking valuables.
It should be reminded that it is strictly forbidden to occupy, block or close the safety exits, evacuation passages and fire truck passages in the community. It is strictly forbidden to set obstacles that hinder the passage of fire trucks and fire fighting.


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