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Jiang Jing Fire丨The Lantern Festival is in full swing

Release time:2019-02-19

Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Xiaozheng Yue, Yuan Xi or Lantern Festival, is the last important festival in the Chinese New Year. Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals of Chinese and Chinese cultural circles and overseas Chinese. The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called "night" as "宵", so the first month of the first month of the year is called the Lantern Festival.
Among the ancient Chinese customs, the Shangyuan Festival (Tianguan Festival), the Zhongyuan Festival (Guanguan Festival, the Bon Festival), and the Lower Yuan Festival (Shuiguan Festival) are collectively called Sanyuan. The formation of the Lantern Festival has a long process. According to the general materials and folklore legends, the first month of the 15th month has been paid attention to in the Western Han Dynasty. The Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty celebrated the "Taiyi" activity in the Ganquan Palace on the night of the night. The first month of the fifteenth ritual of the gods. However, the fifteen-yuan festival of the first month is really a folk festival after the Han and Wei.
Since the ancient times, the custom of the Lantern Festival has been dominated by the warm and festive lighting customs. Traditional customs go out to enjoy the moon, light the flames, hi-light riddles, eat a lot of lanterns, pull rabbit lights and so on. In addition, many local Lantern Festivals have also added traditional folk performances such as dragon lanterns, lions, stilts, dry boats, yangkoo, and Taiping drums.
In June 2008, the Lantern Festival was selected for the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

The common customs of the Lantern Festival are: eating Lantern Festival, lanterns, guessing riddles, and so on.
On the 15th day of the first lunar month, Yuanxiao, as a food, has been in China for a long time. In the Song Dynasty, the folks popularized a novelty food that was eaten by the Lantern Festival. This kind of food, first called "Floating Yuanzi", was called "Yuanyu", and the businessman was also known as "Yuanbao". Yuanxiao, that is, "tangyuan" is filled with sugar, rose, sesame, bean paste, yellow laurel, walnut kernel, nuts, jujube, etc., and is wrapped in glutinous rice flour into a round shape, which can be succulent and has different flavors. It can be boiled, deep-fried, and steamed. It has a happy reunion. The dumplings in Shaanxi are not packaged, but they are "rolled" in glutinous rice flour, or boiled or fried, hot and hot, round and round.


The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival of the Lantern Festival. It began in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the winds of the past dynasties prevailed and passed on to later generations. On the fifteenth day of the first month, it is the climax of the annual fireworks. Therefore, the Lantern Festival is also called the "light festival" in the county town of Shanxi, the town level and even the township, the town, these residents concentrated, bustling and lively area, before the arrival of the first month of the 15th, the streets are full of lanterns, flowers everywhere, lights Swaying, reaching the climax on the fifteenth night of the first month. The "Looking at the Light" on the 15th of the first month has become a representative food for the Lantern Festival in Shanxi.
Spontaneous activities, on the fifteenth night of the first month, the streets and lanes, red lights hanging high, there are palace lights, beast headlights, lanterns, flower lights, bird lights, etc., attracting people watching the lights. In Taiyuan, the lights in Taigu County are very famous. Taigu's lamps are famous for their variety, exquisite craftsmanship and appearance.

The riddle puzzle is a traditional folklore and entertainment style with rich ethnic style in China. It is a special event of the Lantern Festival that has been circulating since ancient times. On the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, the traditional folks hang up the lanterns and set off the fireworks. Later, there are good people who write the riddles on the paper strips and put them on the colorful lights for people to guess. Because the riddle can enlighten the wisdom and cater to the festive atmosphere, there are many people responding, and then the quiz is gradually becoming an indispensable program for the Lantern Festival. The riddle adds a festive atmosphere, showing the ingenuity of the working people of the ancient times and the yearning for a better life.


Jiang Jing Fire is here to wish everyone: Lantern Festival, red fire, round and round.
"Yuan Xi in Tongyu built a light to rise to the South Building"
(隋) Yang Guang
The Falun turns in the sky, and the Sanskrit is coming from heaven.
The lamp tree is light, and the flower flame is seven.
The moon shadow is suspected of flowing water, and the spring breeze contains night plums;
Inciting the golden land, Zhong Fa Liu Li.


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