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The smart factory project of Jiangjing fire-fighting integration has officially started

Release time:2019-03-01

       The smart factory project of Jiangjing fire-fighting integration has officially started

On February 28, 2019, Hubei Jiangjing Fire Technology Co., Ltd. and Hubei Xerox Information Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched the smart factory project of the two-integration and counseling project.

The project start-up meeting will be hosted by the manager of the Finance Department. The employees of Jiangjing Firefighting, under the leadership of the lecturer of Xerox Information, will have an in-depth understanding of the smart factory project of the two-integration and counseling project:


1. Refined basic work
In the daily operation, the original documents are related to each other, and the real-time accounts are automatically realized. Together with the basic working methods and standard workflows provided in the software implementation process, the work of each basic job can be simplified, the data is accurate, the source is consistent, and the accounts are Reality, thus ensuring the normal development of business processes.
2, work process curing
The necessary work processes in the daily work of the enterprise are solidified by the software system platform, and the work data and data posts are transferred and the work process is fully controlled, so that the daily work is fast and orderly.
3. Improve the timeliness and accuracy of procurement
In the cloud smart project, the order calculation is used to calculate the material demand, and the purchase measurement is generated quickly and accurately. According to customer orders and production plans, demand, product structure data (BOM), inventory data, calculation of raw materials, packaging materials, net demand and demand time. As the basis for the procurement plan. In this way, the purchased materials can be under strict program control. Reduce blind procurement and production shortages.
4. Real-time production data
By realizing the data acquisition mode of the Internet of Things (bar code, RFID) on the production site, the material status, production capacity, production schedule, flow of finished products, quality data, equipment abnormalities, and piece counts of the production site are completely realized with the lowest level of generated data. Real-time monitoring of wages and other aspects, managers can grasp the bottleneck process, the work-in-progress of each process, the abnormal quality of the process, the speed of the manufacturing process, and the handling of various anomalies at any time, so that production orders can be made faster.
5, the entire process of production data can be traced, clarified
Through the execution of the work and the implementation of the traceability, we provide the data management for the improvement of the process and the political integrity, standardize the process management of the production workshop, and reduce the bad and return to work. Through the analysis of production personnel, production materials, traceability of production process, production yield, and production yield, it is easy to track products by product, trace by order, trace by batch, traceable on time, and continuously improve coordination in internal management. Sex.
6, cloud smart factory and ERP system seamless docking
In the cloud smart factory project, the logistics adopts bar code to improve the accuracy of purchasing and storage, material delivery, and semi-finished products into the warehouse. The result is real-time delivery of ERP system, which provides basis for accounting and cost accounting.
7, improve organizational work synergy
Combine ERP with the mobile collaborative work platform, use the internal dynamics of the workflow, and make the enterprise work through various cooperative forms such as early warning mechanism, automatic port, work assignment, submission approval, instant messaging, and conference call. The flow, logistics, reed workflow, letter flow, and control flow all process and interact in the Bank of China, integrate work relations, accelerate the exchange of information, and greatly improve the synergy in the work of the enterprise.

Since the establishment of the company, the company has always attached great importance to the informationization work. Since 2006, the company has introduced the ERP information management system. However, with the continuous improvement of the company's management requirements, the company's internal control management has been deepening and advancing, and the limitations of the company's management information system. Sex has become increasingly apparent, and the ERP application system currently in use is difficult to achieve. In order to better use ERP, ERP upgrade is a must, which is conducive to further improve and optimize the system process, which is conducive to improving the management level of the entire enterprise.
According to the unified requirements of the group company, Jiangjing Company will organize regular weekly meetings and monthly regular meetings. According to the requirements of the weekly meeting minutes, we will supervise and implement the work once a week, concentrate on the operation and ensure the implementation. The ERP system runs smoothly.


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