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Jiangjing Fire 315 cracks down on counterfeit and shoddy products and protects the legitimate rights

Release time:2019-03-15

315 fake, Hengyuan in action

       Recently, Hengyuan Xinda Jiangjing Fire-fighting Factory received a report saying that there is a counterfeit Jiangjing fire extinguisher product sold in a market in Xinjiang. After the investigation of Jiangjing Firefighting's dealers in Xinjiang, the company intercepted a batch of counterfeit products with counterfeit "Jiangjing" brand trademarks.
       At present, Hengyuan Xinda Jiangjing Fire-fighting Factory has already reported the situation to the Xinjiang Kashgar Market Supervision Bureau, and will fully cooperate with the firefighting of the vendors who counterfeit the Jiangjing brand.
       On March 14, the Fire Protection Product Conformity Assessment Center of the Emergency Management Department and the fire supervision department took various measures to investigate and deal with 564 problem enterprises, 417 enterprises suspended certificates, and 147 enterprises revoked certificates. It is hoped that government departments will increase investigation and punishment and give fire protection enterprises Develop to create a healthy environment!

Teach you to identify fake fire products

       With the increase in fire propaganda in recent years, the public's awareness of fire safety has been greatly improved, and attention has been paid to fire-fighting equipment placed in the home and on the car. Today, Hengyuan Xinda teaches everyone to practice "eyes of fire" and finds the difference between some counterfeit and shoddy products in the market and "Jiangjing" brand fire-fighting products, so that the fake and inferior fire-fighting products around us are invisible.

       By scanning the QR code of the counterfeit and shoddy products, the ID card flow is obviously inconsistent with the product: the counterfeit product logo is obviously a water-based fire extinguisher, and the 00829AA30031AA product information is the portable dry powder fire extinguisher MFZ/ABC1.

       Hengyuan Xinda reminds you that each fire-fighting equipment is affixed with an identification card that records product information, and this information can be checked and verified from the China Fire Products Information Online.
Hazards of counterfeit and shoddy fire products
        At present, there are still some criminals in the market who manufacture and sell counterfeit fire-fighting products. These products not only fail to function normally, but also cause accidents and may cause safety accidents.
        The quality and safety of fire protection products is of paramount importance. Once the unqualified fire protection products are put into use, it will pose a great threat to the public public fire safety. If the fire extinguisher cuts the work, the state stipulates that 50% of the fire retardant should be filled, but the fake fire extinguisher is less than 10%. The rest is replaced by talcum powder. Once used, the fire extinguisher can not function at all, but it will also add fuel to the fire. Emergency lights and evacuation signs are not bright enough or have insufficient duration, which may cause people to be trapped in the fire.

       purpose of fire extinguishing, but even It will also play the opposite role of combustion.
A solemn statement on combating counterfeit and shoddy products
        As a long-established company with a history of 40 years, Jiangjing Fire has always won the trust and support of customers and distributors with high-quality products and efficient services. “Jiangjing” brand product is a business card of China's fire protection industry and won the title of “China Famous Brand”. Hengyuan Xindajiangjing Fire-fighting Factory is one of the largest fire extinguisher manufacturers in China with the most varieties, the most complete specifications and the largest production capacity.
        We are constantly pursuing quality and excellence, and our products have a high reputation and good quality, so we have become the target of fraud.

"Jiangjing" trademark registration certificate

For the purchase of fire protection products, please look for the "Jiangjing" brand trademark

       Here we solemnly declare: Resolutely oppose all forms of counterfeiting, and will severely crack down on the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products, and pursue relevant legal responsibilities, and will not tolerate them!

       It is the duty to be practical and to be a good company. Hengyuan Xinda Jiangjing Fire-fighting Factory has long been dedicated, and its products are also well-known in the industry, because we firmly believe that being trusted by customers is a pleasure. In the future, we will continue to use the spirit of down-to-earth, integrity and innovation in craftsmanship, quality, integrity, and fully safeguard the good reputation of the "Jiangjing" brand trademark.
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