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Fighting the epidemic in the heart disease area: Jiangjing fire fighting in action

Release time:2020-01-28

       In recent days, Wuhan new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic situation affects the hearts of all walks of life. Jiangjing fire department paid close attention to the situation of the epidemic situation, and in the first time and first line, it made every effort to support Wuhan leishenshan hospital, to do its own escort, and to walk with life.
There is a kind of responsibility called stick to the post
There's a spirit called concerted effort
There is a power called unity

       In the special period of fighting against the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, Jiangjing fire department made every effort to ensure the fire safety of the hospital.
       When the "soldiers in white" rushed to the front line of the epidemic, Jiangjing people also went to their own "front line". In the face of the epidemic, Jiangjing fire actively responded to the call of the state, and was duty bound to contribute to the ability of hospitals in the epidemic area to fight this "war" without smoke of gunpowder.

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