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Mountain fire you don't know

Release time:2019-04-01

       Today is April 1st, it should have been a happy April Fool's Day.
        But a terrible accident shook every Chinese.
        At 18 o'clock on March 30, a forest fire broke out in Lier Village, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The terrain was complex and the traffic and communication were inconvenient. The state and county levels launched an emergency plan and invested 689 people to carry out fire fighting. On the afternoon of the 31st, on the way to the fire, the fire-fighting personnel were affected by the sudden change of wind and wind, and the fire broke out. 30 fire-fighting personnel lost contact.

       When everyone prayed for the 30 firefighters, the bad news came.

       Twenty-seven forest firefighters and three local cadres and masses were all sacrificed.
        In grief, I noticed that there are several voices on the Internet:
               [The mountain fire should not send people to pounce, it should be left to let it burn and evacuate people.]
               [The United States is letting the mountain fire burn and seeing so many people]
               [Our firefighters are not professional, and there are many professional firefighters in the United States.]
        I thought about it calmly. I have a dirty word and I don’t know what to say.
        I thought about it again, or I didn’t say it.
        So we are still calmly learning the basics of mountain fire knowledge.
1. Should the mountain fire let it burn out?
       The picture below is a satellite map near the incident.

       The next one is a larger map of the satellite. It can be seen that the location of the fire is part of the Hengduan Mountains.

       These green ones in the picture are large tracts of virgin forest. Most places are inaccessible, and the flammable materials accumulated over the years are simply hayyards. Once you let it go, the speed is absolutely uncontrollable. If you don't try to put out the fight at the beginning, the fire is likely to lead to extremely serious and unpredictable consequences. The surrounding township villages and even several counties may be surrounded by mountains and fires, and they will not run when they run. What is the consequence of such a large piece of virgin forest to let it go, and people with brains should have some points in their hearts.
        When you go to the forest, you will often see such a brand.

       Forest fire prevention is more important than Mount Tai. This sentence is exchanged for the lessons of blood. China's forests are vast, and the pain caused by forest fires is already strange to young people. I don’t know how scary young people in the mountain fires ask the Daxinganling fires of their elders 30 years ago to ensure that you feel the horror of the mountain fire in minutes.
        Daxinganling Fire: On May 6, 1987, several forest farms belonging to the four forestry bureaus of Xilinji, Tuqiang, Amur and Tahe in the Daxinganling area of Heilongjiang Province caught fire at the same time, causing the most serious mega-forest fire since the founding of New China. Shocked at home and abroad. More than 5.88 million troops, police, and people survived 28 nights and nights, and they were completely extinguished on June 2. The people’s lives and property and the country’s forest resources have suffered heavy losses, resulting in direct economic losses of more than 500 million yuan. The total area of the fire is 17,000 square kilometers (including the overseas part), the area of forest damage is 1.01 million hectares, the affected residents are more than 10,000, and the victims are more than 50,000. 211 people were killed in the fire and 266 people were burned.
2. Is the Americans really letting the mountain fire burn themselves and not killing many people?
       This is called the concept of stealing. No matter whether it is ancient or modern, China or the United States, the United States or the United States, the only way to annihilate the mountain fire is the same: the civilians are evacuated, and they can be destroyed. If they can’t be destroyed, they will clean up the fire and let the fire burn themselves. There is only one possibility that the entire laissez-faire will not be cleaned up even if the fire zone is over: there is no way.
        How many people are not killed in the American mountain fire? ? ?
        On November 8, 2018, a mountain fire occurred in Paradise Town, Butte County, northern California. Because the strong wind was accompanied by many fire points, when the mountain fire burned, the American people in Paradise Town could not run until the last time. The last data was burned to 86 people, more than 200 people were missing, and 20,000 houses were burned. The loss has not been until now. Specific statistics. How many people are not dead?

       Do Americans really want to fight fire? of course not. They really have no choice. The suppression of mountain fires is a world-class problem. Countries with high forest cover in the world will inevitably encounter such a thing, and there is no better solution. Including the United States and Canada, where there is almost a mountain fire every year.
       The root cause of the mountain fire is the wind.
       The reason why the California fire caused so much casualties was because the wind speed was unexpected and then a few waves of different fires gathered together.
       The mountain fire in Sichuan was also due to a sudden change in wind direction. People are really too small in front of nature.
       Is there any problem with the command of this tragic casualty? Is there a bug in the fire fighting strategy? Why not go to the firefighting plane, and no one can dare to say it now. But if you want to say that you should let the mountain fire burn out, don't save it. I can't help but spray you.
       Look at the map to see how big the area of ​​the original forest is on fire. How many township villages are there around and let it burn? ? ? Among the 30 people who sacrificed this time, in addition to 27 firefighters, the other 3 cadres and masses also have the director of the local county forestry bureau. The leading cadres rushed to the forefront. For what?
3. Our firefighters are not professional. American firefighters are more professional and will not encounter such a thing?
       On June 28, 2013, a forest fire was also caused by lightning strikes in Mount Arnel, Arizona, USA.
        A fire brigade called the Mingjia Granite Mountain Masters team was sent to fight the fire. The Granite Mountain Masters team is the first town fire brigade in the United States to be qualified as a national vanguard. This professional fire brigade is affiliated with the Prescott City Fire Department, and the Granite Mountain Masters team was sent to the disaster area as a sharp knife force. They are all top-level firefighters with professional training.

       This fire brigade has a total of 20 people. In the process of firefighting, one player was sent out to observe the fire in advance. As elite, they are opening a barrier in the town of Yanel, about 130 kilometers northwest of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, in an attempt to isolate the forest fire that has burned for more than a day. The 19 firefighters encountered almost the same danger as the Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade during the firefighting process: the winds changed suddenly and the upper winds went down. The fire rushed to the firefighters. As a result of the sudden incident, the firefighters were forced to use the final professional emergency measures after they found that they had been surrounded by fire: hiding in the emergency building fire hazard. This fireproof account is a safe-keeping equipment made of flame-resistant materials. Unfortunately, this temporary shelter can't withstand the high temperatures of 2000 degrees at the core of the mountain fire. When the rescuers found them, the remaining 20 people in the entire fire brigade except the lucky one who left early because of the observation of the fire, the remaining 19 people did not survive.
       If this is not professional, I don't know what else can be called professional.
       But even such a professional team is still very small in the face of ruthless nature.
       Later, according to this real event, Hollywood filmed a movie called Courage.

       What I want to say is that firefighters are the most sacrificed group in peacetime, both in China and the world, in China and the United States, and in any other country in the world. They practiced the vows of going through fire and water, and they did not hesitate to live for the people. I just hope that the keyboard guys who stand and talk without hurting, please respect the brave people who will sacrifice at any time to protect others. When you knock on the keyboard and point to the unprofessional, unprofessional, these firefighters are Save your life with your own life.
        Pay tribute to the 27 fire fighters and 3 cadres who died.
        The hero is immortal.

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