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Portable fire extinguisher

Safety pressure
High strength bottle


Trolley fire extinguisher

Large range and large capacity
Wide range of applications
Isolated air fire


Suspended fire extinguishing device

Easy to install
Constant temperature automatic fire extinguishing

Jiang Jing Fire丨New fire-fighting device produc

In the face of changes in policies and markets, the new national standard may be a huge challenge for other companies. However, Hub

Notice丨Jiang Jing Fire - New National Standard

On July 1, 2018, the new national standard GB 4066-2017 dry powder fire extinguishing agent was officially implemented. The Ministr

News | Hengyuan Xinda participates in the "Silk

From the ancient Silk Road of Camel Ringing to the now prosperous Silk Road Economic Belt, China has been expanding the friends cir

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