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In the Year of the Pig, everything goes smoothly, Jiang Jing Fire is here to give everyone a good old

Release time:2019-02-12


        On February 12, 2019, on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, Jiangjing Firefighting has officially gone to work, and the entire business of Jiangjing Firefighting has officially opened.
        Here, all the staff of Jiangjing Firefighters will give you a good old age. May you be lucky in the Year of the Pig, good luck, good spirits, good luck, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, happy family, good luck!
        Due to the weather, most areas have cooling, snow, road icing, and transportation is inconvenient, please forgive me.
        Rain and snow, roads are frozen, Jiang Jing fire reminds you to take care of your safety.
“The first piece of road safety”
        Finally, Jiang Jing Fire is here to wish everyone: a family and peace, happy in a year, a happy life, a peaceful peace of mind, a hundred times of spirit every day, the month and month of joy, the annual financial resources.


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