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Good News | Congratulations to Jiang Jing Firefighting Fire Protection Products Awarded National 3C C

Release time:2019-03-25

       At the beginning of the spring of 2019,
Hengyuan Xinda Jiangjing Fire-fighting Factory has made new achievements, and 19 fire-fighting products have obtained CCC certificates!

Up to now, Hengyuan Xinda Jiangjing Fire-fighting Factory has obtained 79 kinds of fire-fighting products certified by China National Compulsory Product Certification CCC. By continuously improving product varieties, Jiangjing Fire has become one of the most complete products in the same industry. But we will not stop here, we will keep up with the times and develop more intelligent and safe fire protection products.
Obtained the 3C certificate, indicating that the fire-fighting products manufactured by Hengyuan Xinda meet the national standards for fire-fighting products, and the reliability, safety and stability of the products are in compliance with the relevant national standards.
The IG541 fire extinguishing system, heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system, single cabinet, double cabinet heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing equipment obtained CCC certificate, also means that 19 new products are officially listed, welcome customers and friends to order. Hengyuan Xinda's pace of innovation is more stable, its strategic layout is more perfect, and the road to development is becoming broader. Hengyuan Xinda will work together with its partners to speed up the IoT fire and strive to create a better tomorrow.


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